Blockchain-Based Real Estate & Mortgage Investment PlatformTM



General.  This document describes NEST’s current vision for providing opportunities to participate in the residential real estate rental maker, which NEST plans to diligently pursue and seeks to realize.  As NEST’s vision depends upon many factors and is subject to many risks, including, without limitation, advances in technology and changes in applicable law, this Whitepaper is subject to the disclaimers contained herein, and NEST reserves the right to change, modify, add, or remove portions of this document at any time before, during, and after the sale of NEST tokens.  

Disclaimer of Liability.  NEST does not make or purport to make, and hereby disclaims, any representation, warranty, or guarantee of any type or nature whatsoever (including those that are implied) to any person or entity, including, without limitation, any representation, warranty, or guarantee arising out of or relating to the truth, accuracy, and precision of any information in this document and the NEST ecosystem, or NEST Platform, or NEST token.  To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, regulations, and rules, NEST will not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential, or other losses of any kind, in tort, contract, or otherwise (including, without limitation, loss of revenue, income, or profits, and loss of use or data) arising out of or relating to any acceptance of or reliance on this document or any part thereof by you. This document does not obligate any party to enter into any contract or binding legal commitment or to accept any form of payment for any purpose.  Any agreement with NEST for the sale and purchase of NEST tokens will be governed by the terms of conditions of that agreement, which will prevail over this document.

Not A Securities Offering.  The NEST tokens are designed as functional utility tokens and are not intended to constitute securities in any jurisdiction.  This document or any part of it does not constitute a prospectus or offer document of any type or nature and is not intended to constitute an offer of securities or a solicitation for investment in securities in any jurisdiction.  NEST intends for NEST token holders to use those tokens to participate in the developing of the NEST ecosystem and platform and receive the benefits of landlords in the residential real estate rental market without incurring the substantial investment costs of acquiring residential property.  If the NEST ecosystem, NEST platform, and NEST token are successfully developed, whether a NEST token holder successfully receives any returns as a landlord and the amount of those returns depends upon the decisions of the NEST token holder, including, without limitation, in proposing, obtaining information on, and voting on properties that NEST acquires, in proposing, obtaining information on, and voting on potential renters, in proposing, obtaining information on, and voting on rental contract terms and conditions, individually deciding whether and how to select, bid on, and stake tokens to obtain rents received from rental contracts for NEST residential real properties, providing feedback on the NEST ecosystem, NEST platform, rental properties, and deciding whether to participate in any of these activities at all.  NEST token holders do not have any ownership or equity interest in NEST, are not entitled to the profits or losses or assets or liabilities of NEST, are not creditors or lenders of NEST, cannot claim in bankruptcy as equity interest holders or creditors of NEST, and are not entitled to any repayment from NEST. NEST token holders are provided with the opportunity to use their knowledge, time, and financial resources and improve the NEST ecosystem and NEST platform and pursue returns with NEST Tokens as desired pursuant to their investment strategies.

Risks and Uncertainties.  Prospective purchasers of NEST tokens should carefully consider and evaluate all risks and uncertainties associated with NEST, the NEST ecosystem, NEST platform, the NEST token, the NEST token generation event, and the terms and conditions of any agreement with NEST for the sale and purchase of NEST tokens before purchasing and NEST tokens.  These risks and uncertainties may include, without limitation, the following: risks relating to the value of the NEST tokens because a market for NEST tokens does not currently exist and because NEST tokens do not provide any rights NEST for profits, assets, bankruptcy claims, or repayment; risk relating to residential real estate rental markets and competitive conditions; risks relating to blockchain technology and software, including delays, interruptions, errors, losses, advances, and changes; security risks to your access and use of a digital wallet and blockchain applications; risk relating to platform development and implementation of business strategies, including, reliance on its personnel and third-party service providers; political or government risk, including changes to applicable laws, regulations, and rules, and enforcement actions.  If any such risks and uncertainties arises, such events may materially and adversely affect NEST, and you may lose all or part of the value of the NEST Tokens.

Non-advisory.  This document does not constitute any legal, tax, regulatory, financial, accounting, or other advice, and is not intended to provide the sole basis for any evaluation of NEST, NEST tokens, the NEST ecosystem, or the NEST platform.  Before acquiring NEST tokens, a prospective purchaser should consult legal, investment, tax, accounting, and other advisors to determine the potential benefits, burdens, and other consequences of such transaction, NEST, NEST tokens, the NEST ecosystem, and the NEST platform.